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EndNote 20

Set Up a New Library

  1. Create a new library
    1. Open EndNote 20 --> "Create a new library" OR with a library already open, in the EndNote 20 toolbar --> File --> New

Note: Your library needs to live on the hard drive of a computer that is not being backed up to a cloud storage location. The best locations to store a library are on the C: drive or the desktop.

  1. Import Journal Terms List(s)
  1. EndNote toolbar: Library --> "Open Term Lists" --> "Journals Term List" --> click "Lists" tab --> "Import List"
  2. Choose Medical.txt > Open 
  3. Wait for the import > click OK > click Close
  1. Syncing Library to EndNote Cloud Account (Note, if you have a previously synced library from an earlier version of EndNote it will remained synced in EndNote 20)
  1. You can sync one library per computer
  2. Open desired library: In upper left corner click ""Sync Configuration" --> Create your account (unless you already have one).

EndNote's Finding Full Text Feature

EndNote can automatically download many of your PDFs into your EndNote Library for you to read, annotate, or search through the full text (using EndNote's internal searching functions).  Currently EndNote will not integrate with Ex Libris, the maker of the Strauss Library integrated library system, meaning EndNote cannot search for PDFs in Strauss library holdings.

To manually port directly into Strauss library holdings from EndNote follow these steps:

  1. In EndNote go to Preferences> Find Full Text > and enter the following URL: in the "OpenURL Path" box.
  2. For citations Endnote could not find the full-text to, highlight the citation, right-click and select "OpenURL Link" to be taken to library holdings.

If this sounds like a lot of gobbledygook, consider signing up for one of our EndNote classes, or if you'd like to arrange a group session for your department, lab or group, you can use the Special Classes Request form and we'll work with you to meet your schedule.

Move EndNote Library off of iCloud

If you have your Mac backing up to iCloud or even just your Documents folder backing up automatically to iCloud. You will need to create a space on your hard drive to store your EndNote library. EndNote libraries cannot live on iCloud.

Here is a video tutorial about how to create a space on your hard drive for your EndNote library:

Restore Library to PC/Mac from EndNote Cloud

Scenario: You have previously been syncing your EndNote library to your EndNote cloud account. Your hard drive has been wiped clean and you need to reestablish your library on the clean hard drive.

  1. Reinstall the EndNote application on the wiped computer by going to the OIT download page.
  2. If you have a copy of the library on another computer, make a backup copy (If you don't have any other copies proceed to Step 3).To make a backup copy, open the EndNote library on that computer. In the EndNote toolbar, click File --> Compressed Library (near the bottom of the list). We recommend putting the date in the name of this backup copy as it is a static snapshot of your current library. 
  3. To create a backup copy from EndNote cloud, log into EndNote online ( In the toolbar at the top hover over “Format” and then click “Export References.” Next to “References” choose “All references in Library.” Next to “Export style” choose “EndNote Export.” Finally click “Save” and save to your computer. This will create a backup of your individual citations, but not any organization (groups, group sets).

  4. Open EndNote Desktop on the new computer and create a new library. As you are starting fresh, you can name it whatever you want. Make sure you’re saving the library directly on the hard drive of your computer, not to a networked drive, iCloud, Google Drive or DropBox. EndNote desktop libraries saved on network/cloud drives can corrupt over time. 

  5.  With the new library opened, in the EndNote toolbar go to Edit--> Preferences --> Syncing. You should see your credentials populated already. If not fill in the same credentials you used to set up your EndNote account to begin with. These credentials are the same you would use to log into the EndNote cloud account at Once your credentials are entered, make sure “Sync Automatically” is clicked. Close the box. In the EndNote Desktop toolbar, in the upper left corner click "Sync Configuration" and then in the right corner "Sync now"