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Copyright Information

This collection of resource links is intended to provide faculty, staff, and students of the University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus a framework for understanding US copyright law and fair use doctrine. (Does not constitute legal advice.)

Copyright Tools

The following links can be helpful in determining what is permissable and if your use of copyrighted work will fall under fair use.

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Fair Use for Educators and Researchers

Classroom exemptions do exist for instructors wishing to display or perform,

  1. lawfully obtained materials
  2. within a classroom
  3. designed for face-to-face education

This exemption does not extend to reproducing or distributing materials. 

For more information visit:


Teaching an Online Class?


Using Internet materials?

Fair Use Guidelines

The following guidelines were developed to assist educators, librarians, researchers, and students with making decisions about using copyrighted works in compliance with United States Copyright Law. Although these are guidelines, not laws, compliance with them is recommended.