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Global Health Information & Resources: Getting Started

Resources for students and faculty involved or interested in global health projects. Special thanks to Ms. Gurpreet Rana, MLIS from University of Michigan Libraries for content and template ideas.

Medical Databases

PubMed Stats

As of 2/26/20 11:43am MST

30,605,150 Total # of Citations in PubMed
26,576,601 Total # with MeSH Terms Assigned
876,011 Total # from Publishers OR In Process
750,610 Subset of these since 1/1/19


Level 1 Comprehensive Search (3 parts)

  1. MeSH = Explode
    Medical Subject Heading
    The MeSH search for lung cancer is
    "Lung Neoplasms"[Mesh] = 227,773 
    It will explode to include at least 7 more narrow MeSH terms
  2. MeSH words / vocabulary as "keyword" or "keyword phrase" with quotation marks
    Remove the [Mesh] to get the MeSH as keyword
    "Lung Neoplasms" = 213,644 
    PubMed will search Keyword terms in the titles and abstracts, especially for unindexed material (no MeSH assigned yet!)
  3. Synonyms / Permutations / Entry Terms
    1. Plurals / Singular
      "lung neoplasm" = 471
    2. Verb and/or Adjective Endings
    3. Compound Words
    4. Phrases
      "cancer of the lung" OR "cancer of lung" = 1931
    5. British Spellings
    6. True Synonyms
      "Lung Cancer" = 156,048
      "Lung Cancers" = 10,728
      "Pulmonary Cancer" = 1124
      "Pulmonary Cancers" = 158
      "Pulmonary Neoplasm" = 312
      "Pulmonary Neoplasms" = 537
  4. For a Level 1 Comprehensive Search:
    "Lung Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR
    "Lung Neoplasms" OR
    "Lung Neoplasm" OR
    "Cancer of the Lung" OR
    "Cancer of Lung" OR
    "Lung Cancer" OR
    "Lung Cancers" OR
    "Pulmonary Cancer" OR
    "Pulmonary Cancers" OR
    "Pulmonary Neoplasm" OR
    "Pulmonary Neoplasms"
    = 279,590

Subject Guide

Nina McHale's picture
Nina McHale

Class Outline: Wednesday, 3/4/20

Literature Reviews

  • Remote Access
  • ACTIVITY: Write a question or questions you have about your topic
  • Clearly articulated question
    • Background vs. Foreground
    • PICO | Null Hypothesis | Others
  • PubMed
    • My NCBI account
      • save and run searches on a periodic basis
      • save groups of citations
    • Search Details
      • right hand column in PubMed
    • MeSH - Medical Subject Headings
      • a separate database that interacts with PubMed for finding controlled subject concept terms
      • Exploding - automatically including narrower terms indented under a MeSH subject concept term
      • newest articles vs. indexed articles = keywords/synonyms vs. MeSH
    • ACTIVITY:  "Pair" up in 2s or 3s.  Each person should use the Level 1 Comprehensive Search (3 parts) Approach to create their own search strategy for one of your question concepts.  After you are done ask your partner to critique your work.
    • Advanced Search
    • Builder - Searching PubMed's Index
    • Limiting by country, regions or continents 
    • Clinical Queries & Topic Specific Queries
    • Results Display & Sorting (Relevancy)
    • Getting the Full Text:  Article Linker & Interlibrary Loan
  • Global Health (CABI)
    • focused on global and public health
  • Web of Science
    • Keyword searching
    • Forward Citing
  • Google Scholar
    • Google Scholar searching
    • Forward Citing
    • Full-text from home needs to be configured
  • EndNote 
    • Harvest PDFs
    • Format your bibliographies​

Individual Funding Sources

Grant & Proposal Writing

Country’s Epidemiologic Information