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Public Health

Research in environmental/occupational epidemiology requires an interdisciplinary approach.

PubMed Tips

Use our PubMed Tips to learn how to unleash some of PubMed's greatest features. Tips include personalizing PubMed, saving searches, getting one-click access to our online journals no matter how you access PubMed, and creating customized views of PubMed results.
Click on a link below to launch a PubMed search. Review the results, use Limits to refine the search, or add yourtopic AND (must be caps) to further narrow the search. Submit a topic for a shortcut to Lynne Fox. She will email a shortcut back to you and post it below.

Google Tips

  • Expert Googling   Includes tips on using Google Scholar. 
  • More Google   A guide to the services, tools, and special search engines offered by Google by clicking on the "More" link.